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Mary Chang was born in Manhattan, New York and raised in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn where she currently resides.

Mary attended the School of Visual Arts and worked with Master printers Sheila Marbain and Shelia Goloborotko.


There was a pause in her work as a painter from the mid 1970’s to the late 1990’s. She spent this time raising her family and focusing on another passion of hers ,the theater. In the mid 1980’s Mary began to study theater, perform and travel. Her theater experience includes: La Mama Experimental Theater in New York, and touring Italy as part of the technical crew on Fragments of a Greek Trilogy, directed by Andrei Serban. She was part of an ensemble group of four American actors and four Swiss actors who developed and co-wrote a play titled In-Ter-View which toured throughout New York area and Switzerland, directed by Walter Riedweg of the Werktheater of Basel Switzerland. Mary was part of the Immigrant’s Theater Project directed Marcy Arlin where she co-wrote the play Immigration Office, The ensemble performed throughout New York area.. She worked with director Amir Naderi on his first American film, Manhattan by Numbers shown at New Directors Film Festival (MoMA/Lincoln Center).  Mary continues her love for theatre and recently in 2018-2019  worked with writer ,director  Maya Milenovic Workman in Dos Worlds and Ophelia Continuum,

She recently collaborated with filmmaker,composer,writer and director  Rane Parish on Shen Tak, a short film honoring her father.

In April 2019 Mary directed  her first staged  reading of the  play  Paging Dr. Faustus at Five Myles Gallery. 


Mary studied theater in New York with acting coach Anthony Abeson/mentor, Ada Brown Mather , Carol Rosenfeld of HB Studios,  The Barrow Group, and  Linklater coach  Bobby Troka.


“My experience in theater and art has been an exploration leading me to discover that the line of distance between my process in theater and art are one in the same. My tools interchange; I create and build the work bringing the foundation of learned technique and spontaneity into my working practice.”


In 1999 Mary returned to painting , invited to exhibited by friend and mentor Onnie MIllar artist /educator, as part of an exhibition titled “The Tree” at The Skylight Gallery in New York. Here she exhibited “Doors”, her series of 3 hundred-year old aged doors that had been scraped, pulling back layers of paint leaving residue from the years gone by and painting on both sides of the doors in conversation with the remaining layers of paint and markings from the past.  Her work has since been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA), Robert Lehman Gallery at Urban Glass as well as various galleries and cultural centers throughout the New York tri-state area, Massachusetts and Brazil. She is also 1 of thirteen (selected) artists who created Goloborotko’s 20th Anniversary Edition Portfolio in 2009, which is part of the permanent collection of the Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo Museu SP, Pinacoteca do Estado Museu de São Paulo de Arte Contemporânea .


Mary’s recent exhibition “A New York State of Mind:Stories From The  Unusual Suspects, curated by Elise Tak and exhibited at De  Cacaofabriek, in The Netherlands September 2018  introduces 14 independent  American Artist from the United States and their Unique stories.


2015     Gowanas Open Studio Mary Chang , Brooklyn, NY

2015     Abstraction Mary Chang, St Joseph's College, Brooklyn NY

2010     Atelier Mary Chang, Works On Paper, Brooklyn NY

2008     Mary Chang, JB Kline & Son, Lambertville, NJ

2008     Indasa Gallery, New York City

2007     Interchange - Clinton Hill Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



2018    A NewYork State Of Mind: Stories From The Unusual Suspects, De Cacao Fabreik, The Netherlands

2017    Guerillas in the Midst, Five Myles Gallery 2017   

2016   Washington Project for the Arts, Washington ,DC

2016    Gowanas Art Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY

2015     Fatteliku-Collective Memory ,Issyra Gallery, Hoboken , NJ

2013     Momentum, St Joseph College, Council for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2013     Sonya Artist Select  Fab Fridays , Brooklyn, NY

2013     Bearden 100, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY

2013     Represent Brooklyn, The Rising Arts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012     Sonya Open Studio ,Brooklyn, NY

2011     Made In Brooklyn, The Hanson Gallery, Honesdale,PA.

2011     Mary Chang MONOTYPES  2005 – 2011, Sonya Open Studio 2011 Brooklyn, NY

2011     Pfizer, Corporation, New York, NY

2010     Word Up, Saint Joseph College, Council for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2010     Art Bazaar @The Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

2010     Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010     ARTCURIAN, Artist speaking For The Spirits, Brooklyn, NY

2010     Pony Express, Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA.

2010     The Green Scene, Wendell Free Library, Wendell MA

2010     Graphias Casa da Gravura, Sao Paolo, BR

            Goloborotko's Studio 20th Anniversary Edition and Additional Prints by Portfolio Artists

2010     Goloborotko’s Studio 20 anos, Galeria Gravura Brasiieria, Sao Paolo, BR

2009     Espaco Atelier, Projeto 12x14 Sao Paolo, BR

2009     A Book About Death, Queens Museum of Art,Queens , NY

2009     Visual Rhythm, Classon Walls, Brooklyn, NY

2009     Dorsey Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009     Sonya Stroll, Brooklyn, NY

2008     Double Take, Mary Benson Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

2008     Dorsey Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2007     Artoffthemain, The Puck, New York, New York

2007     Goloborotko’s Studio DUMBO ARTS, Brooklyn, NY

2006     Artoffthemain, The Puck, New York, New York

2006     The Gift of Art, Pittsfield Cultural Center   , Pittsfield, MA

2006     Collaborations, The Salon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2006     Trash – Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY

2006     Sonya Stroll, Brooklyn, NY

2006     Clinton Hill Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2006     Neighborhood Diva’s, Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2005     Project Diversity Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2005     Brooklyn Reborn, Simon Liu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2005     Eleven Ten Gallery,Brooklyn, NY

2004     SONYA - Robert Lehman Gallery, SONYA @Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY

2004     I Am, Atelier Gallery, New York, NY

2000     Dear Mistress Satta Gallery, Brooklyn, N Y

1999     The Tree, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, N Y





2009     Goloborotko's Studio 20th Anniversary Edition, Suite of thirteen Prints, Edition of 40,

             Published by Goloborotko’s Studio, New York, NY (Prologue by Lori Anderson Moseman)





2007     Caribbean Life  Clinton Hill Gallery features painter Mary Chang pg.70  2/14/2007

2009     Goloborotko’s 20th Anniversary Edition catalog pg.32

2011     Blog: The Local (The New York Times) Living Arts: Mary Chang by Pamella R.Allen

2010     Blog: Charlotte Mouquin Art Adventures Affordable Art Fair in Review

It was a pleasure to be walking through the exhibition space located at 7 W 34th St to visit the Affordable Art Fair

2010     Blog: Charlotte Mouquin Art Adventures

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2009     Blog: The Local (The New York Times) - Art of the Stroll: Fire on Silk

2005     NY1: Brooklyn Art Project Brings Culture, Diversity Together

             Culture and diversity come together in Brooklyn, where both are on display as part of a

             unique art project. 



Pony Express 2010, Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA

Archives, A Book About Death, 2010 MUBE, São Paulo BR

Permanent collection:Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo Museu SP, Pinacoteca do Estado Museu de São Paulo de Arte Contemporânea / Goloborotko’s Studio 20th Anniversary Edition





              Painting, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

              Drawing, Cooper Union, New York, NY

              Monotypes, Maurel Studios,New York, NY

              Printmaking, Goloborotko’s Studio, Brooklyn, NY